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"It's like coming home!" --Pat L., Toronto, Canada

"WOW!" --EllieReed L., Big Moose, NY

"Thank you for for this tranquil and historic place"

                                                                  --Linda R., NY, NY

"I love this place!"  -- Lorelei T., Los Angeles, CA

"I came for hunting and found Paradise!"

                                                        -- Ben D., Long Island, NY

"We love it here and ya'll are so welcoming!" 

                                                    -- Susan P.,  AL

"Great bed, Great breakfast!" --Max S., PA

"Beautiful, just beautiful!"  --Ed S., PA 

"Great coffee, Great cat!"  --Steve M., Oswego, NY

"Great antiques, Great hospitality."  --Janis H., Windsor, ME

"Such gracious hosts. Many thanks!" --Sus S., Seattle, WA

"Loved every minute of it!"  --Kyle A., TN

"A pleasure to stay here."  --Caroline M., Fairfax, VA

"What a lovely stay!"  --Julia S., NY, NY

Isn’t this nice? Being surrounded by trees, mountains, hearing the birds sing. You can look out as far as the eye can see with nothing but nature’s undisturbed beauty in front of you.  Stay a while!



They say the grass is always greener on the other side, but if you ask us, the grass is pretty green right here. It’s beautiful. Peaceful. Everything you need. Stop by Charlotte Valley Historic Inn to see for yourself.  Lodging by reservation only.